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For example, looking at the table it can be seen that the Prius (55mpg) is about the same as a Tesla3 (260 Wh/m)
Carbon-producing wise, the same per mile.
AND 60MPG is equivalent to 234 Wh/m     Carbon-wise.
The Bolt is at 247 Wh/m.     Tesla 3 at 250 Wh/m.    
Mach e 337 Wh/m.                 Leaf 227 Wh/m.   About 62 mpg equivalent. Bravo Leaf!
The Volt equivalent to 42 mpg, the Prius is 55mpg.     
JP=100, US=76                 Barely a C+ for USA. Shame!  Why?!!!
¿Híbrido o Eléctrico?
EV calculations - Re Carbon
Not cost, not LCA, not MPGe,
just carbon produced per mile.      Carbon.    What really matters.
So's you can actually compare.....
mpg VS Whpm
Here you go: Miles per Gal. VS Watt hours per mile.
Equivalence table
SOURCE: DOE (USA) and M/gal
because the DOE can't or won't make it clear (US Gov't by the way)
     Just embarassing.
With this  you can do your own calculations.
MPGe - provided by the USA government - is arbitrary, intransparent, and thereby deceitful.
Also difficult to understand.     Just ask a sales to explain it.   
Not good governance.      Listen up, kids.
For electrics it is Watt hours per mile NOT mpge.    Pretty simple & obvious, right?
Embarassing really, from a USA govt. agency we pay for.       Makes us all look stupid.           - "gringos pendejos"     -     am I really the only one against this?
MPGe should be dumped and somebody needs to be fired for that one.
Can't figure out this new-fangled electricity stuff, I guess.
= Miles per gallon
= kg. of Carbon per mile
 = Wh. per mile