gonzalez.com is not for sale. I need it. I use it.

Kids, just because you want it is not enough reason for me to give it to you.

A sale will have to be life-changing, so just stop.  admin@gonzalez.com

Bernard sent them spit.                 They sent this back. Pretty ordinary.

And going by the one-drop rule, I guess I'm a negro.       Hope I don't get shot.

Elsa's spit didn't work, in case you were wondering.

Here's one of our household; surprised to be so very Native American since he's from Papua New Guinea (green smudge just north of Australia.)    Fingers crossed for casino money.

Here's another; turns out Kazakhs are related to just about everyone.    Who knew?

Here's Kazakh.

SRB  has some paintings here

Bich is here. Just so you can remember what her face looks like.

Zaghdoudi is here. Still haven't figured out what to do with hers yet.

All of them are here